MSCA newsletter bringing people together and making a difference

The Fall 2016 Nautilus Newsletter for MSCA featured Sandye Pietropoli and her husband Kent Cammack in the patient spotlight article. In the article they discuss Sandye’s MS and the passion they have to help others with their project, Sandye’s Vans.

Since the article was published they have been able to receive more donations, help more people, been invited to speak at different venues, and provide more free and discounted vans to those in need.

Kent sent us the link below. Please take a moment to review. Kent and Sandye were recently contacted by one of our Nautilus readers to assist a family that consists of a special needs boy and his grandfather that does not have legs, they both have mobility issues and will now have a much higher quality of life due to the van they received. We are all part of these connections and making the world a little better.