What do you do to get away and relax?

We like to be around water because it’s relaxing. We also like being with family and friends because we have found that laughter is the best medicine.

Those who know Sandra Taylor say her positivity and uplifting attitude in the face of the challenges she endures as a result of MS are inspiring. She credits her husband, Tom, with helping her maintain that outlook. He does everything he can to make her life easier and more enjoyable, from serving as her voice when she has difficulty speaking to building a special lift that allows her to get into their boat to enjoy time on the water, free from her wheelchair. Together, Sandra and Tom transcend the limitations of MS and live a life full of joy and love.

When were you diagnosed with MS and how did your diagnosis change your life?

I was diagnosed in April of 1994. It made me think more about a day-to-day life. You have to take it a day at a time, but always be dreaming of what the future might bring. We were told when I was diagnosed that a cheerful attitude was very important and we have done our best to always enjoy life.

When you have an especially challenging day with MS, what are the things that help you the most?

A strong support team consisting of family and friends. I also try to do whatever I can because it makes me feel better to keep moving.

What is your No. 1 piece of advice to anyone finding out he or she has MS?

Remember this is not the end of life as you know it. You have to adjust life a little at a time, but we’ve had a full life and a lot of adventures, such as cruises, camping, boating, and 10 grandchildren.

What do you think is special and unique about the MS Center of Atlanta?

It’s not just a center, it’s a group of people who are dedicated to helping those of us with MS, and the best of what it takes to get that done.