John Decker

Division Partner,

Childress Klein Properties

John Decker is a graduate of Auburn University earning a B.A. in 1975. He began his post-graduate career as District Manager and Finance Director for U.S. Congressman, Jim Collins from 1976 until 1982. He worked for the Tramell Crowe Company as Marketing Principal from 1983 through 1988 at which time he helped found Childress Klein Properties as the Division Partner for the Atlanta Industrial Division. Mr. Decker is affiliated with the NAIOP Advisory Council (Past President), serves on the Board of Directors for Atlanta Community Ministries, is Co-Chair of the Atlanta Real Estate Prayer Breakfast, Chairman of Solutions Foundation, and Board of Directors of The Study Hall. He also is the Manager of the Auburn University School of Business Decker Endowed Scholarship. John Decker joined the Board of Directors of MSCA – THE MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS CENTER OF ATLANTA in 2004.